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  • Tablet gift solutions: how to find the perfect tablet for that special someone

    Preview.jpgBuying a new tablet for yourself is one thing —you know what you like and what you want. But what about buying one for someone else? With the holiday shopping season fast approaching and a new tablet on many wish lists, a lot of people will be trying to figure out how to find the perfect tablet for someone else. I have a few pointers to help you out.


  • Game Room Essentials – How to Play Ping Pong

    ping.jpgPing Pong, or as my dad likes to call it “gnip gnop” (pronounced “geh-nip geh-nop”), wasn’t invented in China, as many believe, but came into being in the late 1880s in England when a group of upper class Victorian gentlemen created a version of tennis they could play indoors as a way to relax after dinner. At that time, the tools used to play the game were everyday objects, such as a line of books as a net, a champagne cork as a ball, and a cigar box lid as a racket.

  • The best tablets for any budget

    preview.jpgThere are many different strategies that can be used when picking a tablet. For example, it’s always a good idea to know what you might use the tablet for before choosing one. Often, it just comes down to price and your budget. Today, manufacturers are offering tablets ranging in price from under $100 to over $1,000. The choice can be overwhelming, but I’ll try to make things easier with my pick from each of the most popular price categories.

  • Review: Sunset Overdrive might just be the best Xbox One game yet

    Sunset_Overdrive_coverart.jpgIt's been a little while now since Sunset Overdrive was initially announced, and it's been on the minds of gamers (especially Xbox One owners) for well over a year now. The game, looking reminiscent of some famous titles of old like Jet Grind Radio, throws you into a modern open world full of mayhem, terror and a lot of laughs.  It should get some consideration for game of the year, and is a must for Xbox One owners.  Find out more by clicking to read.

  • The wait is over - Fitbit reveals 3 new on-wrist fitness trackers

    new-fitbit-fitness-trackers.jpgI’ve been fortunate enough to test out a bunch of fitness trackers and I’ve become the go-to person my friends go to for advice when they want to buy the latest and greatest fitness devices. That’s why yesterday, when Fitbit announced their newest wrist-based activity trackers, my phone was buzzing. And for good reason, because there’s a lot to be excited about. Here’s a quick look at the three new fitness trackers from Fitbit.

  • Review: Crayola Arts and Crafts Kits





    It’s time to start thinking about holiday gifts, and at the top of our family’s list each year are arts and crafts supplies and kits. We encourage our kids to explore their inner artists and to express themselves through different mediums, whether it’s colouring, painting or creating something with their hands. Crayola products have been a part of our home since our firstborn could hold a crayon. When our family had the opportunity to test four of their best new products, we jumped at the chance.

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