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A Quick Look at Luggage

Whether you’re travelling around the world or just taking a weekend trip somewhere nearby, having the right size and type of luggage is important. The latest luggage styles make it easier for you to get around and many suitcases can even expand to fit all your travel needs. You also have a number of carry-on luggage, tote and bag options that not only hold all your stuff, but make you look good doing it too. Best Buy carries a massive luggage selection from brands like Swiss Gear, Air Canada, Kill-E, Roots and Bugatti.

Learn More about Luggage

Midsize luggage is usually smaller and lightweight suitcases that are perfect for those travelling anywhere from 3 to 5 days. Despite their size, this type of luggage can give you plenty of room for a few outfits, shoes and toiletries. Look for a suitcase with telescopic handles and wheels so it glides easily with you.

Large luggage is ideal for long trips and gives you an incredible amount of space for almost everything you need to take with you. Choosing the right fabric for your luggage is more than just about looking good. A semi-soft suitcase has soft sides that give your luggage a defined shape while a hard-sided suitcase is durable enough to protect your stuff from just about anything.

Carry-on luggage can include suitcases under 22”, totes, duffle bags, backpacks, messenger bags, briefcases and attaché cases. Pack all your on-board essentials and delicate items into any of these great carry-on luggage and bag options to make your journey more comfortable and relaxing.

Garment bags are essential for any business traveller because they store and protect clothes such as business suits and dresses. Some garment bags can pack multiple garments on hangers and have interior accessory pockets, convenient handles and even wheels so they are easier to cart around.