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by MelGrant from 10-04-2010

1010i323B311FEA978E34So you love your new DSLR camera and want to know what can make it even better? Fear not, there's no shortage of great accessories to make your new hobby wall-worthy. But how do you choose what to buy first? Or maybe first then second then third, that's helpful too. Some of the basics include lenses, filters, tripods and flashes. If you want to shoot a wide range of distances and achieve effects such as depth of field, then lenses are certainly where you'll spend plenty over time. Chances are though, your camera came with a zoom lens that copes with a decent range already. If you shoot plenty of shots with sky or water, then a filter such as a circular polarizer is a must. For night or low-light shots, you need a tripod. However, if you take a large number of indoor photos, then a flash should be on your shopping list.

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Canon: DSLR and digital cameras, HD camcorders, lenses and more

Since 1973, Canon Canada has brought a slew of advanced imaging technologies to the market to make them a leader in camera and optical equipment. Canon manufactures their DIGIC image processor, CMOS sensor, and a selection of EF lenses to ensure that every DSLR and point-and-shoot they create is worthy of the Canon name. And not to be outdone by its competitors, Canon also offers a range of HD camcorders, printers and scanners for every need.

Canon DSLR Cameras

Canon’s line of DSLR cameras help beginners and professionals take their shooting to the next level. The Canon T2i, T3i, and T4i are part of the EOS Rebel line of precision-crafted digital SLRs that are loaded with smart features and point-and-shoot style functions to give amateur photographers the power to shoot like a pro. For the professional, Canon’s EOS D series cameras feature a heavier, more rugged design with even more optical technologies, manual functions, and extended ISO ranges that will give pros more control over their shots.

Canon Point and Shoot Digital Cameras

No matter what your skill level, Canon PowerShot digital cameras are designed to capture any moment with perfect clarity. Its A series cameras truly encompass the idea of simply pointing and shooting every moment while the camera chooses all the right settings for frame-worthy shots. And when you want a little more control, their higher-end point and shoots will give you the DSLR style functions you need to manually choose settings for even better shots.

Canon Lenses

With a comprehensive selection of wide-angle, ultra-wide, standard, zoom, telephoto, and macro lenses, it’s easy for every photo enthusiast to get creative. Advanced optics and glass element construction ensure every moment is captured with the most accurate colours and exquisite details whether you’re up close or far away.

Canon Camcorders

Whether you’re recording your child’s first steps or shooting your own independent film, Canon camcorder ensure every movement is captured with stunning results. Genuine Canon Optics and advanced proprietary video technologies help capture realistic-looking footage, so you can put the focus on your inner Spielberg.

Canon Printers, Scanners, and More

In addition to being the leader in helping consumers capture every image as clear as the moment it happened, Canon also offers printers, scanners, and other office products too. PIXMA printers feature the power to print still shots from movies using the Movie Print function, while an Intelligent Touch System makes operation a cinch.