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DSLR Cameras

From beginner to professional, Canon’s EOS DSLR camera makes it easy to point, shoot, and capture your memories.

Camera Lenses

The starter camera lens is your go-to for any shot, but when you want to switch your view, add a great new lens to your DSLR.

Point & Shoot Cameras

High-quality shots are just a click away with Canon's PowerShot point & shoot cameras.

Photo Printers

Canon photo printers work seamlessly with Canon PowerShot point & shoot and DSLR cameras to give you an instant way to display your favourite photos.

Easy to use, portable printing for everyone

Fun and portable sharing with Canon SELPHY compact photo printers

Canon SELPHY compact photo printers make sharing your memories simple. Just print your photos straight from your smartphone or memory card and get stunning prints that will last a lifetime. These portable printers make printing simple, and with built-in Wi-Fi, you can enjoy wireless printing anywhere you are.

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Surround yourself with memories: Canon PIXMA PRO Printers

Life is made up of little moments, and while it’s nice to look at them on a screen, the best photos deserve a spot of honour on your home’s walls. Thanks to the Canon PIXMA PRO printer, you can easily print large 13 x 19” borderless images and surround yourself with your favourite memories.

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It’s simple to print amazing photos with a Canon Pixma Printer

Creativity is just a few clicks away when you have Canon PIXMA and Canon all-in-one photo printers. They’re simple to use, intelligently designed, and deliver outstanding prints every time you hit the print button. Plus, Wi-Fi models give you the flexibility of printing from anywhere in your home.

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Step up to a new level of office efficiency with MAXIFY and imageCLASS

When you want a business printer that generates high-quality documents quickly and easily, turn to Canon PIXMA, Canon MAXIFY, and Canon imageCLASS office printers. These practical business printers have a wide range of connectivity options and software tools to help you effortlessly share your documents with your team.

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A great experience every time you hit the print button

The best results every print: Canon Genuine Inks and Toner

When you pair Canon genuine inks and photo papers, you achieve the best possible results for everything you print. Canon’s special automatic production system creates high-quality ink cartridges for every Canon printer. Thanks to Canon inks, printers like Canon PIXMA can achieve incredibly bright, accurate, and long-lasting colours for each of your photos.

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Canon wireless printers make wireless sharing easy

With a Canon wireless printer, your entire office can share documents with a few taps on a smartphone. Just download Canon’s free app or Apple AirPrint support and you can share documents to your Canon Wi-Fi or Ethernet printer. Some models also support Google Could Print, so you can also easily share Google Docs and Gmails.

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Upgrade your photography skill set with Canon EOS

Get more creative control with easy-to-use Rebel DSLR cameras

Want to jump straight into DSLR photography? Pick up the Canon Rebel DSLR and you'll be taking the best photos of your life in no time. Rebel cameras take your photography to the next level by letting you shoot stunning photos, capture amazing video to share via the built-in WI-FI, and enhancing your images with new lenses and accessories from the EOS lineup.

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Say goodbye to your amateur status with advanced EOS DSLR cameras

Upgrade your DSLR camera to an advanced Canon EOS DSLR and tap into high-performance features to give you exciting creative control over your photography. Improve your photos with faster continuous shooting and precise autofocus, and shoot amazing video you can share instantly via the built-in Wi-Fi or NFC.

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Capture the whole picture with Full frame EOS DSLR cameras

You’ve got high standards, and when you want to capture the whole picture, not just a fraction of it, you need a full frame DSLR camera. The Canon full frame camera gives you the ultimate in image quality, precise control over depth of field, and some models even have built-in Wi-Fi to share your photos in an instant.

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Small, stylish, and captures amazing high-quality photos

Explore your versatility with the all-in-one PowerShot G Series

They have the advanced controls of a DSLR, but the Canon PowerShot G Series are packaged in compact bodies you can take with you everywhere. An all-in-one, they are built for speed, low-light performance, and shallow depth-of-field. You can capture every angle with manual control, and with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, you can share your just-captured shots with friends and family.

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Don’t just zoom: super-zoom with the Canon PowerShot SX Series

Why just have a camera that can zoom when you can get up close and personal with the Canon PowerShot SX series super zoom cameras? They give you amazing super zoom capabilities, shoot sharp, clear images, and some models have built-in Wi-Fi and NFC so you can share your shots instantly.

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High-quality photos in pocket-sized package: Canon PowerShot ELPH Series

Pocket-sized cameras with full-sized capabilities, the Canon PowerShot ELPH Series gives you the power to shoot high-quality photos but they’re as convenient to grab as your smartphone. Capture every shot with high-quality optical zoom and Intelligent Image Stabilization, then share your photos instantly via built-in Wi-Fi and NFC.

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View and share your memories with Canon Connect Station CS100

Want one spot to store, view, and share all of your photos and videos? It’s easy with the Canon Connect Station CS100. You can transfer your favourite memories with just a tap of your NFC camera or add all of your favourite photos from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can even stream your pictures straight to your big screen TV so you can experience them with friends and family.

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Capture amazing photos and video with Canon lenses

Perfect portraits are just a lens away

Portrait photography requires a larger aperture to give you a shallow depth of field, letting you easily blur the background of the photo and put your subject front and center. A Canon Portrait lens gives you that and more, and when you add one to your Canon camera you achieve expressiveness you can’t get with a Kit lens.

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Close in on the action without leaving your seat

If your day-to-day life is fast-paced and full of action, you need a lens designed to give you a front row seat to wherever life takes you. From wildlife photography to extreme sports, a Telephoto Zoom lens has powerful zoom performance to capture candid portraits or intense moments.

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A wider perspective for everything you shoot

Bring a bigger area of focus into your photography with a wide-angle lens. It’s the best option for shooting sweeping vistas, large groups of people, or beautiful sunsets that extend as far as your eye can see. Compared to the standard 18-55mm Kit Lens, you get greater creative flexibility for every subject you capture.

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Capture your entire viewpoint with full frame cameras

Take in a wider perspective with a full frame camera

If you’d like to capture details you might miss with other cameras, it's time to turn to the full-frame sensors in Canon advanced and Pro-level DSLR’s. The Canon EOS 6D and Canon EOS 5D Mark III take advantage of wide-angle lenses to capture beautiful vistas, give great low light performance, and have shallow depth of field for amazing portraits.

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Choose the bright red ring for the ultimate in quality

Made in-house by Canon’s Lens Meisters, Canon L Series Lenses are marked with a bright red ring emblazoned on the lens barrel. When you see it you know you’re getting a lens built to stand up to anything: one able to provide superior image performance and push the boundaries of your photography to levels you’ve never achieved before.

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Share straight to your social networks with Wi-Fi and NFC

Have a favourite image you want to share with your social networks? Shoot and share instantly with Canon camera Wi-Fi transfer. Canon cameras with built-in Wi-Fi and NFC let you instantly transfer your photos to social media, and you can even use your smartphone with the free Camera Connect app to get really creative with your photos.



With a dedication to unmatched service and superior customer support, Canon has been the imaging and information systems choice for Canadian homes and Canadian businesses for over 40 years. A highly respected market leader, Canon takes pride in providing a constantly evolving line-up of easy to use Canon products for both anyone who uses them.

Our vision is to be innovators and our focus is on creating exceptional products to give our customers great experiences. Whether that means they are able to capture gorgeous photos on the trip of a lifetime, experience the wonder of a super zoom telephoto lens, or give everyone in the office the power to print straight from a smartphone, Canon is focused on giving you that positive experience each and every time you use our products.

One of the goals of Canon is to always reinvest in the research and development of our entire product line. That way you know when you bring a Canon product home, from cameras to lenses, printers, and more, you’re getting top technology, amazing customer service, and the best possible solution for your needs.

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