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What's your favorite furniture style?

by lwoodhead from 08-08-2014

Find a furniture style that is suits your taste and personality and finally get the space you want! 

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Best Buy Adds to its Furniture Catalog

by StaceyMac from 07-03-2014

Peanut butter and jelly. Ken and Barbie. Yin and yang. Bugs and Daffy. Pork and beans. Best Buy and furniture? Perhaps not the first thing that pops into your mind when you think of Best Buy, but it’s true! With a new assortment of living and dining room furniture to add to its existing range of bedroom sets, Best Buy is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for all things related to comfortable living. So, what kind of furniture can you expect to find on Contemporary, comfortable, and affordable sets that are suited to a wide variety of tastes. 

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Best Buy has your dining room furniture solution

by ShelaghM from 06-26-2014



Create an urban dining room with style and grace or a country kitchen themed room with the new furniture available at Best Buy.

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Entertain with the perfect kitchen and dining furniture

Kitchens and dining rooms are more than just places to store, cook and eat food. In many households they’re the place where everyone in the family gets to connect whether you’re sitting around the table or preparing the next meal. Naturally, it’s also where you’ll store all the good cutlery, glassware, and cookware, but with brands such as Nexera, Zuo, Weston, and Final Touch offering smart kitchen and dining room furniture, it’s easy to turn your space into a comfortable meeting spot for everyone.

Kitchen Must-Haves
Think of your kitchen as the place where you can create magic – the right recipe can turn you into Julia Child as you wield your set of pots, pans, knives, and baking tools. But the magic doesn’t stop there; set out some simple snacks, add a few bar stools and you’re sure to create the perfect spot for everyone to hang out and get you caught up on their day while you cook and without you having to ask. See? Magic.

Kitchen Accessories
You might have all the basics: a stove, fridge, sink, some utensils and other cutlery, but to make your space really shine, you’ll need a few accessories. A kitchen cart offers even more places to store everything and works as a secondary counter when you don’t have the space you need. It also tucks neatly away when not in use. A full wine rack is sure to make your kitchen the most popular room in the house for all your guests, while a wine aerator, cool-looking wine glasses, decanter, and bottle opener will give everyone the impression that you’re quite the aficionado.

Dining Room Furniture
Lots of homes have dining rooms, but if you’re not having a big dinner party, does anyone actually use it? Bring back the traditional Sunday dinner with the right furniture and discover the fine art of conversation again. A table with cozy, matching chairs is a great way to get the whole family sitting down and enjoying a great meal with great company.