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Everything you need to know about setting up the best home office for you

by Shelly_Wutke from 01-29-2015



For me to be productive, my home office has to be clean, well organized, and full of things that inspire me – an antique typewriter, a tranquil aquarium, and a Moravian or Herrnut Star light fixture that reminds me of my favourite place on earth every time I turn it on. If you want to create your own home office that’s unique, something that will be your favourite room in the entire house, here’s how you’ll set up the best home office for you.

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New High-Octane Home Theatre Furniture at its Best!

by hootie from 01-05-2015

Octane Bolt 4 Theatre Seating.jpeg





The one thing that will round out that awesome big screen TV and sound system is the proper home theatre seating arrangement. Do you only have one recliner that everyone fights for? Are most of your seats not directly in front of the TV? Are you really comfortable when you spend a few hours watching TV? Is theatre seating only available at the movie theatre? The good news is you can now get excellent theatre seating for your home, and it has better features than they have at the movie theatre!

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Make your room new again

by ShelaghM from 10-15-2014

Monarch Rectangular Cheval Mirror.jpgRevitalizing a tired room can be as simple as adding some colour, creating an accent area or simply re-arranging your furniture. By following some suggestions from the pros, I recently did a mini makeover of tired rooms that didn't blow the budget or stress me out.

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Furniture for the Whole Home

Whether you’re looking to replace your old wood furniture or redecorate your whole home, Best Buy has got everything you need for your kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even your outdoor patio. And with a wide selection from brands such as Sealy, South Shore, Nexerea, Monarch, Zuo, Corliving and more, you’ll be sure to find everything you need.

Patio Furniture

Perfect for your backyard or balcony, patio furniture has come a long way from the old plastic rickety pieces from days gone by. These days, patio sets are designed to look more like living room furniture for the ultimate in outdoor comfort. Plus, they’re made from weather-resistant materials, so keeping them looking pristine is a cinch.

Bedroom Furniture

With so much time spent in the bedroom, you should have all the right furniture for the ideal sleep haven. From mattresses and bed frames to dressers and accent pieces, we’ve got everything you need to turn your bedroom into a truly perfect space for sleeping, hanging out, and keeping all of your essentials safely stored and organized.

Living Room Furniture

Your living room is likely the most frequently-used space by you or the whole family. To be sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible, you want to be sure that you’ve got the right couch, chairs, coffee table, or ottoman because curling up in the comfort of your living after a long day should be your own little piece of nirvana.

Home Office, Kitchen and Dining Room

Keep every room organized and welcoming with all the right pieces. For your home office, kitchen and dining room, you’ll find all you need to create the right space for your love of cooking, eating, and working.