Apple iPod Shuffle



Take your Tunes Anywhere

Whether you’re running on the treadmill or sitting through a long flight, the iPod shuffle is a great companion. Super-lightweight and compact, the iPod shuffle makes it easy to take your favourite tunes with you wherever you go. The 2GB capacity can fit hundreds of songs and the long-lasting battery keeps your beats going for up to 15 hours.

Perfectly Stylish, Perfectly Wearable

With a sleek aluminum body and a vibrant range of colours, the iPod shuffle is a chic accessory. The handy clip on the back is perfect for securing the iPod to your t-shirt, backpack or pocket, and the compact design makes it an ideal music player for workouts, commutes and everyday use.

Music at your Fingertips

Your world of music is at your fingertips with the iPod shuffle. The large, clickable control pad in the centre makes it easy to play, pause and skip tunes, as well as control volume. With the shuffle switch, you can control how you hear your music—shuffled or in order.

An iPod that Speaks to you

Although the iPod shuffle doesn’t have a digital display, it doesn’t leave you guessing what song you’re listening to. Simply press the VoiceOver button and it’ll tell you the song’s title and artist—even if it’s in a different language. VoiceOver will also tell you names of playlists and when your battery is running low.