Tuning in to the iPod touch

Apple’s iPod touch combines major memory capacity, ultimate display capabilities, improved design features, and an ever-expanding collection of extras in one of the most fun and functional music and media players on the market. With each release, the iPod touch remains a favourite for people looking to jam and jive on the go—and much more.

Play, See and Do What Suits You

The iPod touch lets you fully customize your multimedia experience. Durable and stylish with a variety of colour options and models to choose from, it offers access to millions of songs, movies, TV shows, podcasts, apps and games. It also comes with immense storage capacity for saving games and MP3s, as well as WiFi for iTunes and App store connectivity to expand your library.

Features for Whoever You Are, Wherever You Go

Whether you’re feeling lethargic or lively, are at the gym or in commute, use the iPod touch to create customized playlists as personal soundtracks for every moment in your life. Tune in to FM radio if you want someone else at the reins of your listening experience or download podcasts by your favourite DJs direct from the web. Stream your favourite TV show episodes in transit to make the train ride more manageable, or engage kids in the car by accessing games that both educate and entertain.

Next Generation Functions

With each new edition, Apple presents a ton of fun and functional features packed into one lightweight do-it-all life accessory. The same advanced iOS mobile operating system that powers the iPhone keeps iPod touch system and graphics performing at top speed and full fluency, generation after generation. Faster processors allow you to run multiple applications at once without hiccups, while battery efficiency is improved to offer longer life spans. Album art, artist photos and music videos are presented in perfect vibrancy and sharpness via the iPod’s patented high resolution Retina Display technology. There’s also Siri, free texting with iMessage, Facebook integration, FaceTime video chatting, Game Centre, and more.