Apple iPod



Get to the core of your music with an Apple iPod

With a variety of colours and models to choose from, there's an Apple iPod for everyone. iPod shuffle is the smallest music player out there. iPod nano lets you navigate tunes with a touch. And iPod touch lets you do it all: listen to music, make free FaceTime calls over WiFi, download games and apps, and so much more. Stop draining the battery on your smartphone and listen to life's soundtracks on an iPod instead.

iPod shuffle

iPod shuffle is the smallest music player on the market, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in awesome. The shuffle has no display, making it great for workouts when you won't have time to look at it anyway. Push the buttons to navigate your tunes, or let the shuffle function mix your music. You can even clip this little buddy to your clothes so it can go with you anywhere.

iPod nano

iPod nano boasts more colours and generations than any other iPod, offering plenty of choice and even more features. The most recent generation of iPod nano is the smallest and lightest that it's ever been, but offers a Multi-Touch display, built-in FM radio, and pedometer.

iPod touch

iPod touch is the most fun iPod yet, with more bells and whistles than any other model to come before it. Download apps including games and social media, store your library of tunes to jam to wherever you go, snap photos with the iSight camera, or chat with friends over FaceTime. On the large Retina display, every image and album cover will look simply brilliant.

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