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Most Recent Articles in Apple MacBooks & iMacs

Pick the Perfect Apple: MacBooks, iMacs, Mac Pro, and the Mac Mini

Apple’s line-up of Mac computers are truly in a league of their own. Every model is powered by an ultra-fast processor, and comes equipped with the latest Apple operating system and iLife software. And whether you choose the powerful all-in-one iMac, ultra-lightweight MacBook Air, super-small Mac Mini, or the MacBook Pro, you’ll find them all in-store and online at

MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is Apple’s lightweight and powerful laptop that is constructed from a single piece of aluminum. These machines are loaded with advanced features that ensure every operation is performed smoothly. Plus, MacBooks are equipped with a brilliant LED-backlit glass display, Multi-Touch trackpad, and an energy-efficient design that’s free of most harmful toxins. The latest MacBooks also have the ultra high resolution Retina display that shows off your graphics in incredibly sharp, vivid detail.

MacBook Air

The MacBook Air takes just about every incredible aspect of the MacBook Pro and condenses it into an impossibly-thin device. The Air’s design eliminates the optical drive as well as the spinning hard drive and opts instead for all-flash storage. As a result, it performs and boots up quickly, and offers more room for a bigger battery so you can work and play for hours and hours.

Mac Pro

The latest installment in Apple desktop designs, the Mac Pro combines top performing technologies in graphics, storage, expandability, processing power and memory within an innovative sleek style of chassis. Redefined from the inside out, the Pro is engineered for driving intuitive usability and maximum efficiency, with premium features that get the job done. 


iMacs are Apple’s all-in-one desktops that offer more power than some higher-end PCs. They’re home to the some of the best features available so you can tackle every task with ease whether you’re a graphic designer, video editor or hardcore gamer. And you don’t have to be a pro to own one; Apple’s easy-to-use operating system makes these powerful all-in-ones perfect for everyone.

Mac mini

The Mac mini is the smallest, most energy-efficient desktop computer around. It weighs less than 1.4kg but is loaded with all the power, ports, and performance that you’d expect from any Apple computer. And with Mac mini’s sleek aluminum design, removable bottom panel for easy access to memory, and a built-in power supply, it’ll make a huge impression.