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Change Up your Living Room with Home Décor and Lighting

Redecorating your entire house can be a huge and expensive project, especially when often times, you don’t actually need to do much to change the look of your home. Simply adding some attractive home decor and unique lighting can make any room in your house look new and fresh. Find exciting wall art and bright floor lamps from brands like South Shore, Eurographics, AAC, La Luz, Modern Elements, Global Crafts, and more at Best Buy.

Brighten up Your Space with Art, Lamps or a Fireplace!

Wall art is a great way to update your room decor without too much effort. Hang up posters to show off your personal taste in movies or sports or use contemporary 3D wall decor to catch the attention of your guests. You could also hang a beautiful mirror or two on your wall. Not only does a mirror serve as a convenient way to check your outfit before you head out the door, but its reflective surface also makes your room seem bigger and more spacious as well.

There are also little touches that you can add to tie all the pieces in your room together. A vase can serve the double purpose of being a holder for a colourful bouquet of flowers or a statement piece when you leave it empty. Placing a bold-looking ceramic bowl on your coffee table can act as a conversation starter. If you have tons of table or floor space, try placing ornaments and figurines on the different surfaces to liven up your decor.

Brighten up a room with ample lighting. Compact table lamps are great on a side table next to your couch or on a desk so you can have the light you need to read or get work done. A strategically placed floor lamp can light up a whole room so you don’t have to flip on your overhead lighting. Candles in decorative candle holders are fantastic pieces to have in your home whether you light them or not. Candle light adds a relaxing vibe to your home and are especially great if they release a pleasant scent as they burn.

Even if your home didn’t come with a grand fireplace that doesn’t mean you can’t still have one. Ethanol fireplaces can be placed anywhere in your home and there are even small ones that can sit on a table or counter. An electric fireplace will add warmth to your home and many models can even be wall mounted to save you space.

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