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Backpacks for Life

A backpack isn’t just for school books. Nope, today’s backpacks are designed for everyone: students, teachers, business professionals, and outdoor lovers. Every style is a little bit different, but each one is constructed to be durable enough for everyday use, while giving you plenty of straps, pockets, zippers, buttons and more to carry everything you need anywhere you go.

Backpacks for School

There really isn’t any type of backpack that isn’t perfect for students. Your typical backpack may have a fashion-inspired design and will definitely have the room you need for books and other school essentials, or you can pick up a backpack with a special section for a laptop or tablet. Got a lot of heavy gear? A rolling backpack with its two inline wheels will help you take the weight off your shoulders.


A backpack designed for the outdoors and travelling is usually pretty big, so you can stuff them full of clothes, toiletries, additional footwear, souvenirs, and so much more. They’re sizes are usually measured in litres, and often feature secret storage pockets, outer straps for camp gear or shoes, as well as smaller, detachable packs that are perfect for day trips.

Kids’ Backpacks

With fun designs and patterns to choose from, backpacks for smaller kids are great for carrying school items, lunch, toys, and more. Most are designed for smaller bodies, but the adjustable straps make it even easier to find the perfect fit.

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