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Cases to protect your phone

More than just a way to customize your smartphone, a proper case can add length to the life of your device. All it takes is one slip of the hand, and you could be paying out of pocket for a new screen, or another costly repair, plus you may be without your device for days or even weeks. Don’t risk your most important and expensive gadget; get an insurance policy for your smartphone by picking out the right case for your device.

Style or Durability?

While all cases provide some level of protection, you’ll want to think about how you use and handle your phone in order to select the right option. If your phone stays put in a bag or jacket pocket much of the time, you can opt for a lighter weight or more fun case; consider options by Kate Spade, Jack Spade, House of Harlow, or Trina Turk, plus many others.

If you’re the type of person who’s out on work sites constantly you’ll want a case from manufacturers like Otterbox, LifeProof or Pelican for ultra-tough durability. There are many options for all situations including cases that keep out water: no more rain or snow soaked phone emergencies!

Case Types

There are different types of cases; Hard Shells will offer the most protection from drops and falls. Soft Shells are designed to be sleeker while still wrapping your phone for safety. Battery Cases are handy for very busy cell phone users as you never need a cord; there’s extra juice built right in to the case. Purse, Pouch or Holster cases keep your device protected, but at the ready if you need to be able to take any and every call. Skins provide light scratch resistance, perfect for a phone that’s stashed in a bag with keys, pens and other accessories.

Consider a Screen Protector

No matter which case option you select, you’ll want to consider a screen protector. Despite their increasing durability, smartphone screens can still develop scratches and gouges. If you tend to be a bit careless with where your phone gets stashed, a screen protector can offer extra peace of mind, and prevent costly screen replacements. Some users also report screen protectors absorb impacts enough to prevent glass breakage when the phone is dropped.

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