Blu-ray Players



Blu-ray Players Give New Definition to your Entertainment

With Blu-ray players, you can enjoy your movies and TV shows in razor sharp and lifelike Full HD 1080p resolution. Add this device to your HD home theatre system and surround sound set up for a cinematic experience that will make you think twice about going out for a movie. Best Buy offers a wide range of fantastic Blu-ray DVD players from top brands like Samsung, Sony, Philips, Panasonic, Toshiba, and Pioneer.

Full HD Resolution

Once you experience your movies in Full HD, you may never be able to go back to standard definition. The picture resolution is super crisp, making the finest details stand out so your images take on an amazing lifelike quality. Blu-ray DVD’s are made to take advantage of Full HD and the capabilities of an HDTV, so be sure to stock your movie library up with tons of them.

Go for 3D

The latest generation of Blu-ray players are equipped with 3D support, so you can enjoy your entertainment in the third dimension. These players also usually come with the appropriate 3D glasses, so you can start watching your 3D movies almost immediately.

Wireless Extras

Many Blu-ray players are enabled with Wi-Fi or DLNA. With Wi-Fi, you can browse the web, access video-on-demand, download apps, and so much more. DLNA certification allows you to wirelessly share and stream movies, pictures, and music between your Blu-ray player and other DLNA-certified devices.

Don’t Break up With Your DVDs

If you’ve got a huge collection of DVD’s, don’t worry about not being able to watch them once you upgrade to a Blu-ray player. These devices are backwards compatible with DVD’s, so you can continue to enjoy them. Some players can even upscale DVD’s to near-Full HD quality, making your standard definition movies appear even sharper and more detailed.