A Quick Look at Briefcases & Attaché Cases

Designed for the savvy business traveller, a briefcase or attaché case offers an ultra-stylish way to cart around your important documents, laptop, and accessories. These sleek cases are usually made of a leather and/or nylon material for the ultimate in style and durability, while additional compartments and pockets make it a perfect travelling companion. Best Buy carries a wide selection of briefcases and attaché cases from brands such as Bugatti.

Learn More about Briefcases & Attaché Cases

If you’re travelling for business, a briefcase is an ideal traveller that looks smart and offers smart functionality. It keeps your laptop safe and secure inside a padded compartment, while another compartment gives you a place to put all of your important documents.

Most briefcases and attaché cases are made from a type of leather, nylon, or a combination of the two. And no matter which material you choose, every briefcase is built for long-lasting durability and protection.

When shopping for the right case, consider the other accessories that you’re likely to carry with you. Additional compartments and pockets on the inside and outside of your briefcase will give you the option to store items such as a power cable for your laptop, smartphone, books, wallet, passport, and so much more.


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