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A Quick Look at Camcorders

In the early ‘80s camcorders hit the consumer market, and since then a lot has changed. Today’s digital camcorders are small enough to fit in your pocket, they record in HD, and you can capture footage right to an internal memory or external memory cards. Best Buy carries camcorders from Sony, Canon, Kodak, Panasonic, JVC, Toshiba, Flip Video, and more that will suit your video-making needs.

Learn More about Camcorders

HD camcorders have the power to record your adventures in HD 720 or Full HD 1080 resolution; and no matter which one you choose, you’ll be able to capture every detail with realistic clarity. An HD camcorder offers a higher video quality than standard definition models which makes it perfect for viewing your favourite memories on your HDTV.

Pocket camcorders are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to capture spontaneous moments. Just as their name suggests, these compact devices are usually small enough to fit in your pocket, and feature a built-in USB arm for easy file transfers and a vibrant screen for you to see it all. Some models will even record all your footage in high definition.

Sport camcorders are designed to be as adventurous as you are. Most models come with a few accessories so you can attach it to your helmet or handlebars and capture incredible footage of your extreme adventure. These camcorders are also waterproof, nearly indestructible and can shoot high-def footage, so you can relive every thrill and spill with brilliant clarity.

Accessories are a must-have for anyone looking to travel with a camcorder. Whether you’re at a birthday party or on vacation, a simple carrying bag, extra batteries and memory cards, or even a tripod can greatly enhance your movie-making experience.


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