Filter your photography

Camera filters help keep the lens on your DSLR camera safe from scratches, smudges and dust. Best Buy offers a wide selection of easy-to-attach filters including UV and polarizing types from brands like Hoya, Optex, Rocketfish, Polaroid, and Panasonic.

Protect your lens
Most UV filters are used primarily for lens protection. They also help to block out the haze caused by UV lighting so your photos come out with enhanced colour and contrast.

Enhance your photos
A polarizer camera filter is colourless and will not affect the colour balance of your photos. In addition to protecting your lens, it reduces reflections and darkens the sky in outdoor shots, which is perfect for capturing true-to-life landscape images.

Get Creative
Other filter types such as a fader, diffuser, or star camera filters can help you get more creative with your photography. Each one easily attached to your lens and offers a unique visual effect that can take your DLSR photography to the next level.
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