A Quick Look at Carry-on Luggage

Carry-on luggage can serve a number of helpful functions. Since carry-on baggage is usually small and lightweight, they can be ideal for quick business trips, a weekend getaway or simply packing all the essentials you need while sitting in your airplane seat. Best Buy is a great place to search for carry-on luggage from brands such as Swiss Gear, Atlantic Luggage, Bugatti, Air Canada and more.

Learn More about Carry-on Luggage

Size matters when it comes to carry-on luggage as airlines have strict size restrictions regarding what you can bring on board. Anything that is 18”-22” or can fit under your plane or bus seat is usually considered carry-on.

Short trips that are between 1-2 days are typically what carry-on baggage is best suited for. You can fit an outfit or two, toiletries, shoes and other smaller essentials.

Handles get you where you need to go in a hurry. Grab handles, which attach to the top or side of your baggage, make it easy to pick up your carry-on bag and run. Look for telescopic (expanding) handles, which let you pull your carry-on suitcase beside you with ease.

Wheels make an already lightweight suitcase even more of a breeze to take around. Spinner wheels rotate 360 degrees and make it easy to weave your carry-on luggage in and out of tight spaces easily.