Combo Televisions



Combo TVs for Smaller Spaces

If you’re short on space, a combo television might just be the perfect fit. These TVs come loaded with all the great features of a traditional HD TV, but also feature a built-in DVD player so you can enjoy all your favourite movies without adding more components or cables to your setup.

Two Great Features in One

A combo TV is typically no different than your regular HD TV. You’ll still have access to great connection options such as HDMI, as well as an HD resolution up to Full HD in some models. Plus, the built-in DVD player makes watching your favourite DVD movie easy without any additional cables to connect or separate component to worry about; you simply turn on the combo TV, pop in a disc, and you’re good to go.

Stay Connected

While shopping for the perfect combo TV, be sure to check out the variety and number of connections you’ll have to play with. HDMI connectivity typically comes standard for these TVs, but some models also feature PC and USB inputs so you’ve got even more ways to enjoy your entertainment.

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