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Getting an Advantage with Computer Gaming Accessories

The vast majority of PC computers don't come equipped off the shelf with the kind of gear needed for serious gaming. Fortunately, there's an extensive line of computer gaming accessories to give you the edge when it comes to the digital battlefield. From specialized mice and keyboards, to gaming headsets and game pads, let's answers some basic questions about which of these accessories will best enhance your gaming experience.

1. How to choose the perfect PC gaming mice and keyboard?

High-level gaming requires constant wrist work for controlling your characters or weapons, which is why the average two-button mouse is mostly inefficient in this sphere. Gaming mice come equipped with three mouse buttons, integrated scrolling and an ergonomic design that will lighten the tension on your hand during long durations of gaming. Many gaming mice also include programmable macro buttons that can be customized to give MMO and real-time strategy players an edge on the competition. Gaming keyboards are built for durability, heavier use, and the constant pounding of keys. They also tend to come with programmable macro buttons and back-lit keys, so you can better view your controls in low-light situations. Plus, gaming keyboards just look cooler.

2. What to consider when choosing a PC gaming headset?

An integral part of modern gaming is the element of communication. Many of today's top-rated games require constant communication with your competitors and teammates, and there's no time to spare on typing out messages. Headsets free up your hands to better control your game while providing headphones and a mic to transmit clear voice audio to other gamers. These headsets also enhance your gaming experience by delivering advanced game sounds and better audio than your computer's speakers can offer.

3. What are the different options for PC gaming controls?

Depending on the game, sometimes a mouse and keyboard just doesn't have the right feel or can't deliver the full experience each game has to offer. Game pads and joysticks can simplify and amplify your gaming control, as you hold it with two hands and use your thumbs to direct the action. Some games, however, offer heightened simulation experiences like driving and flying. To take full advantage of these kinds of games, steering wheels and flight controllers can be connected to your PC to give you the ability to become more engrossed in the game's simulation experience.

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