Computer Speakers



A Quick Look at Computer Speakers

Whether you’re watching movies, playing games or simply listening to tunes while you work, a great pair of computer speakers can make all the difference. 2.0-channel speakers offer clear mids and highs, while 2.1-channel speakers let you add a little bass to the whole experience. And if you’re looking for even more sound, 5.1-channel speakers for your computer will give your computer entertainment home theatre-like sound.

Learn More about Computer Speakers

2.0-channel speakers generally consist of two speakers that are designed to fit neatly on your desk or table. Built-in drivers ensure you’ll hear all the sounds of movies, videos, music, and games from your computer. Pick up a set that come with an auxiliary input, and you’ll be able to use them with your MP3 player too.

2.1-channel speakers are loaded with all of the same greatness that you get from 2.0-channel speakers, but come with one very special thing – a subwoofer. A subwoofer makes up the .1 in 2.1, and will bring out all the low notes of your computer entertainment. Choose a model that comes with a sub built right into the speaker and you’ll get rich, full-range sound from speakers that won’t take up space.

5.1-channel speakers deliver the most power for your computer fun. These systems usually come with four satellite speakers, a centre channel speaker and a subwoofer to really make the sound feel like it’s all around you. They work just like a traditional home theatre system by bringing out clear dialogue, crisp instrumentals, and booming bass.

Chances are, if you’ve got a laptop you’ll be looking for speakers that will enhance the sound that comes from your built-in speakers. Any of the options above are perfect if you plan to sit around the house, but if you’re on the move you can pick up speakers that are designed especially for laptops, which are compact – and powerful – enough to go with you everywhere.