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A PC for Every Day and Every Budget

Whether you’re looking for a desktop computer that can handle graphics-heavy games or simply surfing the web, Best Buy has a huge assortment of PCs that are perfect for your needs. We can even help you learn more and discover how to get all the right specs that suit you best.

Everyday Performer

If your tasks are pretty basic (working and playing online, school projects, listening to music and watching videos), then you can probably get away with a computer with some pretty basic specs such as dual- or quad-core processing and as little as 4GB of RAM. And with a hard drive up to 500GB, you’ll have plenty of power and room to store thousands of files.

Digital Workhorse

For games, video-editing, and other processor-heavy tasks, you’ll need a machine with a lot more power than your everyday performer. If you’re looking to say, battle it out in Azeroth while simultaneously editing your vacation videos, well the more cores and more RAM you have, the better. Also, be sure you get a high-end graphics card that can keep up with your graphics-intense tasks so everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Somewhere in the Middle

If you plan to do a little more than your basic tasks but not as much as editing your own Spielberg-esque masterpiece, then choosing a computer with a few more options will be your best bet. Built-in WiFi and/or Bluetooth, a processor with more than four cores, and 8GB of RAM will keep you working and playing smoothly without any glitches as you listen to your music while editing family photos.

Go All In

A desktop computer can be a big investment – and not just financially. When you add a tower, the monitor, mouse, keyboard, external speakers, and anything else, you barely have room left on your desk. The solution? An all-in-one computer. These solid performers house everything inside a space-saving design and come loaded with top-tier features including wireless capabilities.

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