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Perfect for beginners or accomplished pianists, digital pianos offer the sound quality of acoustic pianos without the large space requirement. Best Buy has a great selection available from top names like Casio, Yamaha and Korg.


An acoustic piano has 88 keys, so when you’re looking for a digital piano that’s what you should look for. Playing the piano takes both visual and muscle memory, so unless you need something ultra-portable, go with 88 keys so that you can benefit from the full range of a classic piano.

Weighted Action

Weighted and semi-weighted keys give you a more realistic experience, similar to that of a traditional piano. Unweighted keys, usually found on less expensive models, tend to be thin and light to press. This makes playing these keys feel very different from letting your fingers dance on classic ivory keys.

Additional Functions

Depending on how you’ll be using your digital piano, you may need different functions. From basic models to those with full recording capabilities, synthesizer features, horn, string and kit sounds, some even have the control settings to let you mix and playback. With a wide range of digital pianos available, no matter your needs there’s one perfectly suited to your playing style.

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