Mix It Up

Whether you want to learn to wobble EDM pitches for nightclub crowds or enjoy your classic rock record collection in the privacy of your home, vinyl turntables from trusted brands like Audio Technica and ION Audio support your sonic aspirations. Digitize your albums for archiving, learn to scratch and beatmatch in your home studio or get the party jumping with a portable vinyl turntable and the right accompanying stylus cartridge to keep your LPs cleaner, longer.


Revisit a Classic

Deejaying originated on vinyl record players and this tried-and-true medium for music is still popular today. Unlike digital CD and mp3 formats, vinyl stores sound waves in analog, which holds on to the original recording’s fluctuating reactions to air pressure rather than converting them into fluid digital signal voltage waves that can only approximate the original sound. Modern vinyl turntables give you the best of both worlds, letting you learn to spin records in analog but equipped with USB connectivity ports so you can upload vinyl to your computer to create digital mp3 copies.


Needle Points

A small but important cartridge holds the record needle (or ‘stylus’) that picks up sounds embedded in record grooves and turns them into electrical signals before they are amplified and converted back into sound through speakers. Whether standard- or P-mount, moving magnet or coil, the right needle cartridge is essential for ensuring you get the best quality output from your table without causing needless damage to scratch-sensitive record surfaces. A good cartridge can make a big difference between puny and powerful sound, and is an affordable addition to your turntable setup that will help keep your vinyl in quality condition.