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Get professional results with a DSLR camera

Everyone should be able to take a good photo. But, if you want to take your photography from adequate to awesome you'll need to move beyond your point-and-shoot camera. A DSLR camera gives you the power to capture images using a variety of interchangeable lenses, manual exposure controls, and other pro-style features. Best Buy offers a large selection of digital SLR cameras from Canon, Sony and Nikon that can help you take your photography to the next level.

Finding your inner photographer

A DSLR, or digital single-lens reflex, camera is designed for anyone wanting more creative control over their photography. Increased creative control means taking full or partial control over the camera's exposure settings: aperture, shutter speed, and ISO. If you're an amateur photographer trying to find the best DSLR for you, look for a model with automatic features; that way, you can still take good photos while you learn how to use your camera's exposure settings. Also, higher-end DSLRs will often have advanced features including customizable buttons, fast continuous shooting, and increased ISO sensitivity that allows you to shoot in both bright and low light.

Making sense of sensors

The biggest advantage of using a DSLR is high-quality, high-resolution images. DSLR cameras use larger image sensors than most point-and-shoots, as well as some mirrorless cameras. Simply put, the sensor size determines how much light is used to create an image. So, a bigger sensor is able to capture more light and deliver a better image than a small sensor.

DSLRs use either a full-frame or APS-C sensor. A full-frame sensor offers a wider field of view than an APS-C sensor. Also, because full-frame sensors are larger than APS-C sensors, they have better low light performance and increased ISO sensitivity. Both types of sensors have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, full-frame DSLRs offer higher quality images, but are often more expensive than APS-C cameras. While APS-C sensors are smaller, wildlife and sports photographer can take advantage of the crop factor, which gets you even closer to your subject or the action without having to spend more money on a longer focal length telephoto lens. You'll want to consider what your needs are before choosing between APS-C and full frame.

If you're looking to get the most out of your images make sure to invest in a DSLR that allows you to photograph in RAW. A RAW file is the uncompressed image data collected by the image sensor. This file type will give you more freedom to alter your images with photo editing software.

Get a different perspective with an interchangeable lens

DSLRs offer exceptional versatility. Whether you're looking to photograph landscapes, close-ups, portraits, or action shots, there's an ideal lens for your DSLR to help you capture every moment with outstanding results. Remember that interchangeable lenses for DSLRs are unique to each brand so if you purchase a Canon DSLR you'll need to buy Canon lenses or third-party lenses with a Canon mount.

Visually stunning video

Video recording technology has come a long way for DSLRs. Most models record Full HD 1080p video offering varying recording speeds. And with improvements to live-viewing and autofocusing technologies DSLRs let you capture smooth, high-quality video in real-time. Also, serious videographers will want to consider a DSLR that supports direct audio recording.

Additional camera gear

Accessories for your DSLR will help you take your shots further. A camera bag is usually one of the best ways to protect and store your camera. Camera straps offers quick access and convenient carrying options for your DSLR. Extra memory cards, additional lenses, flashes, tripod, filters, extra batteries, and more offer you the freedom, security, and peace-of-mind to experiment and get creative with your photography without getting interrupted.

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