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A Quick Look at Digital SLRs

If you’ve ever wanted to take your photography to the next level, Best Buy offers a huge selection of digital SLR cameras that will help you shoot like a pro. A digital SLR (single-lens reflex) camera gives you the power to snap shots with a variety of lenses, manual controls and professional quality features from brands such as Canon, Sony and Nikon.

Learn More about Digital SLRs

Digital single-lens reflex cameras, better known as DSLRs, are designed for anyone who wants to have more creative control of their photography. You can choose a model that’s designed with simple, automatic features that you can use while you learn more about the manual controls; or you can choose a more advanced model that’s loaded with high-end features that let you get really creative.

Interchangeable lenses for DSLRs are generally unique to each brand. Whether you’re looking to shoot landscape, macro, micro, portrait or action shots, there’s a lens for your digital SLR that will help you capture every moment with outstanding results. Choose a wide-angle, prime, or telephoto lens and you’ll be able to see photo opportunities from a whole other perspective.

Video recording in DSLRs is the most recent addition to a variety of models. Usually capable of recording in high-definition, DSLRs will now let you capture moments in real-time. You can set your LCD screen to Live View and watch and record all the action as it unfolds.

Accessories for your DSLR will help you take your shots further. A camera bag is usually one of the best ways to transport your camera, while a memory card, additional lenses, flashes, tripod, filters, extra batteries, and more will give you the freedom to get really creative with your shots no matter where you find yourself.

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