A Quick Look at eBook Readers

If you love to read, an eBook reader will provide you with a whole new reading experience. These ultra-slim devices often weigh no more than your average paperback novel, and can carry thousands of eBooks. Some eBook Readers offer tablet-like capabilities so you can surf the web, listen to audio content, and watch movies. Best Buy has a wide selection of the most popular eReaders such as Kobo, Sony, and many others.

Learn More about eBook Readers

Every eBook reader comes equipped with built-in storage so you’ve got room to store your favourite eBooks. Most models feature an expandable memory card slot so you can upgrade your storage capacity. Most eBook readers have integrated WiFi so you can access Kobo’s eBookstore, Sony’s Reader Store, or your local public library. Having WiFi is a great way to share your favourite passages with friends on your social sites. E Ink technology makes text on your eBook look just like actual text on paper. Since there’s no glare, you won’t strain your eyes and can even read in direct sunlight. eBook Reader accessories are a must-have to keep your device in pristine condition. Pick up a skin to keep your device and the screen protected from nicks and scratches, or grab yourself a case so you can toss your reader into your bag when you’re heading out.