Time is on your side

Watches can be all fashion, all function, or the perfect combination of both. Best Buy has men’s and women’s watches from top brands like Bulova, Movado, Casio, and a whole lot more, as well as kid-friendly timepieces and specialty pieces like sports watches and heart rate monitors.

Accessorize your athletics

Sports watches don’t just complement your active lifestyle; they enhance it with unique features that can help you work out smarter. Look for a watch that is lightweight and water resistant to eliminate distractions that can slow you down. A stopwatch feature, pedometer, and GPS will help you track your activity levels for even better results.

Luxurious details

A luxury watch combines timeless details with high-end materials for a timepiece that stands out as a fine piece of jewelry. Bulova watches feature fine details like diamond-embellished bezels and bracelet-inspired bands, while Movado timepieces share a minimalist style with elegant fine metal materials and genuine leather.