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Great gifts for your tech loving dad

by paliontology from 12-18-2014

dad giftMost of us Dads (and even our dads) are closet tech nuts, excited over tech, pretty much any tech. 10 years ago, I could've cared less about controlling the temperature of my house through my phone, but 2 months ago as I was having a smart thermostat installed, I couldn't wait. With little things like this in mind, here's my take on some gadgets that interest me as a first time dad, and might provide you some inspiration for yours less than one week away from Christmas day.

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The Crew - Open-world Driving across the Continental USA

by kdiston from 12-17-2014

TheCrewCoverTop.jpgYes, you read that right.  Developers Ivory Tower and Ubisoft have crafted themselves a map that includes all of Continental America.  A driving game that wants you to tag along with friends, fancy a road trip across country?  Pack your bags (get your snacks really, no actual packing required) and grab some friends.  It's time for a rip down the road with The Crew.

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Review: Nintendo takes a trip down memory lane with the NES Remix games

by paliontology from 12-12-2014

RemixLogos.jpgWith every passing Nintendo gaming generation, it's not unusual to see original NES titles up for sale in the respective console's eShop. Usually, however, all you get is the old game itself with no bells and whistles.  The recently released NES Remix disc version (the WiiU games were originally available in the eShop) change things up a bit. You get bits and pieces of these NES games put into objective/challenge form, and a few new twists and turns too. 

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