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Renovation Dilemma: If you could only change one thing in your kitchen what would it be?

by lwoodhead from 03-29-2015

Rennovation 4.jpgWhether it’s your fridge, your dishwasher or a small appliance, there is always something you wish you could change about your kitchen. With spring starting, why not change it now?

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Wedding gifts that won’t break the bank

by StaceyMac from 03-24-2015

wedding-gift.jpgI’ve been to my fair share of weddings. Heck, I’ve been in my fair share of weddings, so I know all to well that as much fun as they can be, the can also get a little pricey. The good news is that you don’t have to remortgage your home or sell a kidney to get the happy couple a wedding gift that won’t just be appreciated, but will actually be a welcome addition to their home. Here are some great wedding gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

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Shelly's Friday Favourites hits the road for a culinary adventure: second stop, Disneyland

by Shelly_Wutke from 03-20-2015

disneyland.jpgOur road trip continues with a good old-fashioned pit stop at the Happiest Place on Earth. For some people, going to Disneyland means hitting all the shows, parades, and attractions. We like to do that too, but because we have annual passes and go so often, we’ve added to our adventure by becoming hunters for the best dishes and treats in the park. There are a lot of treats to be had, and they’re more delicious than you may think.

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Wedding gift checklist for the mature bride and groom

by Shelly_Wutke from 03-18-2015

mature-couple.jpgWhat’s your favourite gift to give at a wedding? Most people have a standard gift, something like gift cards or a small appliance, that they like to give the happy couple just starting out. But what if the happy couple is a little older, a little wiser, and is getting married for the second time around? If you’re not sure what to get the happy couple who has been together for a long time but is only now tying the knot, here are a few great wedding gifts for the mature couple getting married.


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One wheel fun for everyone on the Sologear Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle

by Shelly_Wutke from 03-11-2015

sologear.jpgIf you happened to be out in Fort Langley this weekend and you were part of the crowds surrounding my son as he wheeled around on the Sologear Self-Balancing Electric Unicycle, you already know how cool it is. I stopped counting after 10 people asked us what it was and where we picked it up, and everywhere he rolled that day, people were drawn to it.

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Pre-Wedding Juicing

by StaceyMac from 03-05-2015

Green-Smoothie.jpgWeddings are stressful. The litany of decisions that have to be made leading up to the big day is seemingly endless. What font to use on the invites? What colour dress is the bride going to wear: white, almost white, somewhat white, kinda white, not super white but can pass as white, red? What about catering and decorations? Chocolate cake or vanilla cupcakes? What about flowers? The list goes on. And to add even more stress, whether you’re the bride, the groom, or in the bridal party, you’re going to be photographed more in the span of a few hours than ever before, so you know you’re going to want to look your best. That’s where juicing comes in.

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