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Plug-in Community

ZWILLING Henckels gives a chef's touch

by ShelaghM from 10-24-2014

ZWilling_henckel-Prime_frypan.jpgAdding a few exceptional knives and pans to your kitchen can make all the difference in your kitchen. Using guidelines from my chef friend,  I checked out the ZWILLING Henckels Professional “S” collection and the new frying pan. I was impressed with their quality and performance.


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Review: Wagan Tech’s IonBoost V8 – Charges up Everything!

by hootie from 10-21-2014


Wagan IonBoost V8.jpg

If you have ever been stranded in a car that won’t start, it is at that moment that you regret never having invested in jumper cables. Well, forget the jumper cables and get a Wagan Tech IonBoost V8 instead. I was just sent this to review and believe me it is an amazing unit. Not only will it start your car in those stranded situations it has the versatility to keep your cell phone, tablet, and laptop charged up, not to mention a myriad of other devices. Read my review to learn all about it.

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Frigidaire Laundry – We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

by StaceyMac from 10-18-2014

first-washer.jpgLet’s face it, laundry isn’t a whole lot of fun. It’s certainly not how I like to spend my evenings, I can tell you that much. I mean, there are just so many steps! You’ve got to sort your clothes, lug them to the machine, put them in, press a button, wait … take them out, put them in another machine, press another button, and then wait some more before you take them out and fold them. It’s excruciating. It’s also pretty sad that I’m not alone in my disdain for laundry, especially when you consider the fact that electric washers and dryers as we know them today, like those from consumer appliance giant Frigidaire, have only been around for about 100 years.

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Make your room new again

by ShelaghM from 10-15-2014

Monarch Rectangular Cheval Mirror.jpgRevitalizing a tired room can be as simple as adding some colour, creating an accent area or simply re-arranging your furniture. By following some suggestions from the pros, I recently did a mini makeover of tired rooms that didn't blow the budget or stress me out.

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New to Best Buy - Vizio M-Series HDTV's

by StaceyMac from 09-29-2014

VIZIO-1.jpgWhen it comes to TVs, there are a few brands that stand out from the pack – Sony, Samsung, LG, and Panasonic, to name a few. But have you heard of VIZIO? If you have, great! If not, you’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be on your radar – especially now that their all-new M-Series Smart TVs are available at Best Buy.

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Review: The Gen 2 Cookoo Smartwatch leaves the first behind

by paliontology from 09-25-2014

CookoowatchappMain.PNGWe all hold Kickstarter and crowdfunding in such dear light, and one of the early successes of the model was the Cookoo Smartwatch.  Unfortunately, the first watch left a few things to be desired.  A few months later, the second generation is out, adding a lot of the missing pieces from the first and more (like better water resistance) while keeping it all at an afforable price.  Come check out how this watch stacks up!

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