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Wedding gift checklist for the couple moving out of their parent’s house

by lwoodhead from 02-26-2015

WR5.jpgHere’s what you’re going to need to ask for if you’re moving out on your own with your spouse for the first time!

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What will be the next robot you bring into your home?

by StaceyMac from 02-23-2015

C-3PO.jpgWhen I think of a “robot” two things happen. First, I picture the iconic droid C-3PO from the Star Wars movie franchise. Second, I involuntarily start to sing the 1980’s Styx classic Mr. Roboto … Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto, Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto. But a robot isn’t necessarily a shiny golden humanoid or the subject of an annoyingly catchy song ... Secret, secret, I’ve got a secret. In fact, according to Webster’s dictionary, a “robot” is “a device that automatically performs complicated often repetitive tasks” or “a mechanism guided by automatic controls.” So by those definitions, it's clear that we are truly surrounded by robots. Don’t believe me? Here are some fun and some functional items that are robots by definition. You might even have one of these at home already!

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How to create crafts like a pro

by StaceyMac from 02-13-2015

crafts.jpgWhen I was in Grade 3 my mom enrolled me in Ukrainian Cross Stitch lessons. I had always been a creative child, but cross-stitch took my abstract painting and Play-Doh-ing to a whole new level. There’s something inspiring about being able to look at a pile of “stuff” and see something beautiful. It’s almost like being a MacGyver of sorts. Some might see a twig and a glue stick. I see a beautiful centerpiece. The thing is, to craft like a pro you don’t just need the desire to do so, but you need the right tools and an organized space.

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Food trends for 2015 on Shelly's Friday Favourites

by Shelly_Wutke from 02-13-2015

cauliflower.jpgWe've said goodbye to all things kale and hello to cauliflower, given up on the cronut and opened our ovens to the southern buttermilk biscuit. Thanks to the latest food trends, menus this year are going to be seriously delicious. Here are a few recipes you can try at home to tap into what's hot in food for 2015.

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How to organize your home like a pro

by Shelly_Wutke from 02-11-2015

Keep-your-home-organized-like-a-pro.jpgEven if your dining room table is currently covered in electronics and newspapers or your closet is chaos, there are still simple steps you can take to organize your house. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming either – just take it one baby step at a time. Here are a few proven organizational strategies I’ve used to get control of my clutter and organize my home like a pro.

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Sneak a peek at your pets with the Motorola Focus66 Wi-Fi HD Video Camera

by Shelly_Wutke from 02-04-2015

Focus66.jpgI was just sent the Motorola Focus66 Wi-Fi HD Video Camera to test out and review, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a peek in on my dogs and see what they were up to when I wasn’t home. I had no idea how fun it would be to watch them from afar with the Motorola Focus66 Wi-Fi HD Video Camera.

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