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5 Kitchen Gadgets You Can't Live Without

by Shelly_Wutke from 08-30-2014

mother-and-son-cooking-together.jpgWhat makes up a well-stocked kitchen? I’d have to say it depends the person cooking in it. Although we all have our favourite must-use kitchen gadgets, some people like to use kitchen tools every day that other people may never have heard of. But out of the plethora of cool kitchen gadgets available, there are a few gadgets I think we can all universally agree are absolutely essential to a happy, well-run kitchen.

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Back To School LunchBox ideas - Shelly's Friday Favourites

by Shelly_Wutke from 08-15-2014

back-to-school-lunch-ideas.jpgFor me, one of the most stressful parts of back to school is figuring out what to pack in their lunch kits. This year I'm getting a jump on things by creating a list of lunches that are cute, creative, and will be something they enjoy eating.

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Assign floor cleaning duties to the iRobot Roomba and iRobot Scooba

by Shelly_Wutke from 08-13-2014

irobot-scooba.jpgWhat’s round, black, and the star of Youtube videos involving cats? If you guess the iRobot Roomba, you are absolutely right and have probably watched your fair share of cute kitties strapped down and spinning around on the floor. But just using the iRobot to entertain your friends would really be missing the point of what this vacuum can accomplish.


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Office Desks to Increase Productivity

by StaceyMac from 08-12-2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 8.34.57 PM.pngLast week, I wrote about how ergonomically designed office chairs are essential to rear-end comfort and back health. However, even the most fabulous, most space-aged, most comfortable chair in the world means nothing if you’re sitting in front of a desk that is made from a sheet of plywood and two milk crates. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d write a follow up post that highlights some great desk options available at Best Buy.  But first, let’s quickly define what makes a “great desk” and why having one in your work or home office can actually increase productivity. 

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Best back to school picks for your kid's backpack

by Shelly_Wutke from 08-11-2014

back-to-school.jpgThe only thing you can guarantee about summer is that it will fly by and back to school will be upon us all before we know it. This is the year to get a jump on your shopping by scoring some of the best picks for your kid's backpack. 

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Ergonomic Office Chairs to Keep Your Back Healthy

by StaceyMac from 08-10-2014

Office-Chair2.jpgDid you know that the average Canadian adult spends three-quarters of their waking hours sitting or reclining? While that stat includes time spent commuting and chilling on the couch, it’s no surprise that it also includes a whole lot of time sitting in front of a computer. With so much time spent sitting, it makes sense that a quality ergonomic chair is essential when it comes to keeping your rear end comfortable and spine in good health.


Let’s face is though; not all office chairs are created equal. So, what constitutes an “ergonomic” chair, you ask? Really, it comes down to five key factors: 

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