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Tips & ideas from the blog

Tips for buying an ottoman

by Lindseyr from 02-29-2016



Adding an ottoman to your home can add style,comfort and storage. There are so many ottoman styles to choose from so there's the perfect one out there to fit your needs. Read on to see some tips to think about when you're purchasing a new ottoman.

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Fall in love with autumn inspired furniture

by Best_Buy from 10-23-2015

I don’t know about you, but when the seasons change and the leaves start to fall, I immediately refresh my home and make it extra cozy for the upcoming months. When it comes to shopping for furniture and accessories I love to pour myself a glass of red and cozy up in my home while I shop online. Here are a few of my top finds from

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Janette Ewen discusses the latest furniture and design trends for your home

by Best_Buy from 10-15-2015

Fall is here and with winter right around the corner, now is the time to incorporate the latest furniture and design trends into your home. I’m always super excited to work with what’s on-trend. Take a look at the online offerings I found at Best Buy that might be a great fit for you.

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Home Office Furniture for the Ultimate Workspace

If you’re not comfortable while you’re working or simply don’t have the right home office furniture, it’s a safe bet that you won’t get much accomplished. Thankfully, brands like South Shore, Nexera, Sonax, Prepac, and more have you covered with desks, workstations, chairs, shelving, and all the right storage solutions so you can create the perfect home office setup.

Desks, Workstations, and Office Chairs

Desks and office chairs are two of the most importance pieces of office furniture. They’ll be the items that you use the most, so you want to be sure they’re the perfect fit. Coming in a range of sizes and setups, desks and workstations usually have space to accommodate a laptop or desktop computer and other office essentials. If the desk you choose has limited storage options, pick up a desk hutch to add to the workstation. And to ensure you stay comfortable during long hours of sitting, choose an ergonomic office chair.

Bookcases, Filing Cabinets, and Shelving

To keep your home office organized and uncluttered, you might want to consider adding a few accent pieces, such as bookcases and shelving, designed to hold books, DVDs, CDs, file boxes, magazines, or your favourite knickknacks. There are even a variety of designs and sizes that are a perfect fit for any space. And if you’ve got a lot of confidential files to store, a filing cabinet will keep it all organized with labelled folders and lockable drawers.

Office Organizers and Storage Solutions

There’s no better feeling than when the stuff you need is both organized and easy to find. Office organizers like storage units or document holders will help keep all your important files within easy reach. Some storage units feature shelves for your essentials, plants, and pictures of your loved ones, as well as a separate closet that gives you a place to hang your coat or an outfit. With the right office furniture, your home office can be a place of comfort, organization, and productivity.