Home Recording



Cut Your Own Track

While basic home recording programs seem to be everywhere these days, it doesn’t take much more to set up a professional recording studio in your home. With recording equipment and recording software from top names like Yamaha, Line 6, M-Audio, Avid and many others available at Best Buy, you’ll be laying down new tracks in no time.

Studio Monitors
These speakers are designed to accurately reproduce sound, giving you a true recording of the original source.

Audio Interface
A high quality audio interface will let you record superior sounds. The one you purchase should be compatible with your hardware, have the right number of inputs for recording either a single vocal or instrumental track at a time, or multiple tracks simultaneously. It should also have a high bit depth and sample rate with low latency.

Recording Software
Depending on your requirements and the level of professionalism that you’re looking for, there’s a huge variety of recording software available. Do your research and find the one that will record your style best, and give you the loop-based, mixed, raw or produced sound possible.
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