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Review: Is the Force with SMS Street by 50's new Star Wars Headphones?

by paliontology from 08-19-2014

bobafett_HeadphonesSplash.jpgA welcome addition to the "Street by 50" line of SMS' High Quality headphones, Star Wars makes its debut, and now, you can bring the entire first series home via BestBuy.ca.  Come take a closer look at look and feel of a couple of the styles and get yourself accustomed to the features of these lightweight, collapsible headphones!

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Improve your Gaming with Skullcandy Headphones - Review

by kdiston from 08-04-2014

skullcandy-gaming-headsets2.jpgI've said it before, I'll say it again, I am a headphone convert.  Gone are the days when I slap any old thing over my ears and call that a listening experience. For the person who games or consumes other media on their consoles or PC's, features like surround sound and wireless, quick access to a mic, or simply, a next level sound quality for whatever you're watching or listening to, can make a big difference.I took a look at three of Skullcandy's offerings in the Gaming Headphone market and the results were positive indeed.

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Sweat it out with Monster ADIDAS Sound Isolating Headphones!

by lwoodhead from 07-17-2014

Monster adidas overear.jpgMonster and Adidas have paired up to bring you a pair of in-ear and over-ear sport headphones that are guaranteed to be the perfect summer workout buddy! 

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