Banish Wrinkles in Your Clothes with an Iron or Steamer

Nothing destroys an outfit faster than wrinkles. With an iron or steamer, you can quickly smooth out any wrinkles, ensuring that your clothes will look crisp and clean. While these two appliances may look different, both are effective tools in helping you look and feel your best. Best Buy carries a wide selection of irons and garment steamers from Panasonic, Rowenta, Hamilton Beach, Proctor Silex, T-Fal, and more.


An iron has several different heat settings to help you press everything from delicate silk to hardy cotton shirts. Ensure that your iron has a large water reservoir, which holds the water that will be turned into steam. The larger the reservoir, the fewer times you’ll have to refill your appliance.


Clothes steamers can be easier to use than irons because they are less likely to burn your clothes and can de-wrinkle a larger volume of clothes quickly. As the name implies, these appliances use steam to remove wrinkles and they can be used on virtually any type of fabric.


Appliances that can do more than one job are not only more convenient but also kinder on your wallet. Look for an iron with a steam feature, which will be the most effective at softening stubborn wrinkles in your clothes while lessening the chances of burning. In addition to de-wrinkling, steamers can also be used to clean furniture and kill germs that may be residing on the surface.