Kicking it Karaoke-Style

Turn your Saturday night entertaining friends or Tuesday evening hanging with the kids up a notch. With karaoke machines from Singing Machine, Philips, Ion and more, you can host your very own karaoke night for all your sing-along -savvy loved ones.

The addition of a karaoke machine fine tunes your home entertainment system to be more versatile, active and fun, turning any regular old living room into a bonafide concert hall. More engaging and interactive than movies or channel surfing, karaoke helps you connect, create, and show your charisma on the microphone and in front of a crowd. Whether you want to show off strong pipes or casually chime in for choruses, put down the remote and pick up the microphone, and get everyone involved in belting out a ballad or rocking out to a classic rock anthem.

Find Your Melody with a Karaoke Machine

Today’s karaoke machines are designed with features that let you truly personalize and professionalize your experience. Whether you want to be able to choose songs from your own iTunes library or connect wirelessly to thousands of instrumental tracks designed for karaoke performances, you can. Ease nerves by keeping the lyrics displayed in front of you or go full on rock star by accompanying your crooning with an energetic light show. Tackle an epic duet with a friend at home or take it all with you to the beach or park in a portable system. Tune in and turn on to karaoke, and find your ideal melody for maximum entertainment.

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