Large Luggage



A Quick Look at Large Luggage

For those who don’t like to travel light or will be travelling for a long period, large luggage is perfect for you. Large suitcases have an incredible amount of space for pretty much everything you need, but don’t pack them too full. Your suitcase may exceed your airline’s weight restrictions and then you might find yourself travelling with large luggage sans all those souvenirs you bought. Best Buy has a great selection of large luggage from brands like Swiss Gear, Atlantic Luggage, and Air Canada.

Learn More about Large Luggage

Size of your typical large luggage falls between 27”-32” inches and is ideal for travel up to 14 days or more if you’re a really good packer!

Handles get you where you need to go in a hurry. Grab handles, which attach to the top or side of your baggage, make it easier to pick up your suitcase from the luggage carousel. Look for telescopic (expanding) handles, which let you pull your large suitcase beside you with ease.

Wheels make taking larger luggage around a breeze. Larger wheels offer more durability and a smoother wide while spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees let you weave your large suitcase in and out of tight spaces.