Laser Printers



Laser-sharp precision. Beautiful-quality prints.

For brilliant, high-quality printouts every time, a laser printer is the way to go. Most models are loaded with smart features that will help you save paper, print economically, and do it all at an incredibly high speed. And whether you’re looking for a monochrome or colour laser printer, Best Buy has you covered.

High-Speed Printing

Using laser technology and a toner cartridge, a laser printer will deliver brilliant printouts faster than an inkjet printer. That means that you can print out those lengthy documents in less time and with outstanding results that are crisp and razor-sharp.

Quiet Operation

Quieter than most inkjet printers, a laser printer can be placed in a more central location in your home or the office and not disturb those sitting nearby. Plus, there are plenty of laser printers that are compact enough to fit in almost anywhere.

A Valuable Addition

It used to be that purchasing a laser printer meant spending tons of money, but that’s no longer the case. Both monochrome and colour versions costs considerably less than they used to. Over time, you’ll likely replace the toner less often than you would with inkjet cartridges, which can help you save money.