A Quick Look at Lenses, Filters & Lens Accessories

When you add a new camera lens to your DSLR or compact system camera, you’re giving yourself the power to get really creative with your photography. Best Buy carries a wide selection of camera lenses and camera filters that let you shoot up close, wide-angle, portrait, and faraway shots with minimal glare and aberration. Choose from brands such as Canon, Nikon, Sigma, Olympus, Hoya, Rocketfish, and more.

Learn More about Lenses, Filters & Lens Accessories

The right lens will ensure that you always get the shot you want. A portrait lens focuses mostly on faces, while a wide-angle lens works to get every face of your group into the shot. Get really up close to the smallest subjects with a macro lens, and when you can’t physically get closer, a telephoto will extend your reach with stunning results.

It’s always a smart idea to have a filter for your lens. Not only are they designed to protect the lens glass from nicks and scratches, but a multicoated UVC filter can help prevent UV rays from making your outdoor photos look hazy, while a polarizer filter eliminate reflections from such things as water and glass.

There is a variety of lens accessories that will help you make the most of every situation. A lens adapter or converter a can add even more functionality to your standard lenses, while a lens hood helps to keep bright, overhead lights out of your shots. And when you’re done shooting for the day, a lens cap will keep your lens safe from dust.