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Tips & ideas from the blog

Making the most of small space

by christinetechca from 03-23-2016

If you're dealing with a relatively small living space, whether it's in an apartment, dorm room, or smaller home, you may encounter some challenges with furniture and decor. Here are some tips on how to make the most of smaller rooms, and maximize what space you do have.

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Best Gifts of 2015: Deck the halls with a new living room

by Lindseyr from 11-23-2015

We've been talking a lot about the best gifts of 2015, and sometimes the best gift you can give someone is a spruce up for their house. With busy day to day lives, fitting in work, kids and extra curricular activities is enought to think about without worrying about if your house is up to date with the current trends.


Give the gift of a living room face lift to someone you love, trust me they will love you for it.


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Prepare for a great Canadian winter: Prepare your home for cold weather comfort

by ThePej from 09-24-2015

Don’t shoot the messenger, but winter is coming! Now that I live in Toronto, I’m getting chills of dread because winter is miserable in the east. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating, but there are a few months where it gets tough and my face feels numb. I’m sure that like me, many of you will be spending more time at home, as the weather grows colder. So, here are some options to keep you warm while you watch TV or to just keep your home an optimal temperature no matter where you are.

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Get the Most out of your Living Room

Whether you’re into that lived-in, cozy look or you prefer the minimalist look, there’s one thing we can agree on: no one else’s living room is more comfortable and welcoming than your own. And if it isn’t, then it might be time for a new couch, chairs, coffee table, or ottoman, because your space should be one where you want to curl up and hibernate after work or on those cold, rainy nights to watch your favourite TV show. It’s a good thing then that brands like Zuo, Nexera, Atlantic, and Sonax have a variety of living room furniture for every taste.

Chairs and Stools
Everyone should have that one perfect chair in their living room that they can call their own; and when you find it, it will become the one spot that is so perfectly cozy, you simply gravitate toward it when you want to settle in and watch TV or hang out with company. And to be sure that no one steals your seat when you’re not looking, add a few stools to your space. Not only are most comfortable and easily tucked away, but they’re a great way to ensure you’ve always got enough seats for every guest.

Tables, Benches and Ottomans
Once you’ve got your seat situation all set up, you’ll need a place to put your feet. Coffee tables, benches and ottomans are the perfect addition to your living room. There are plenty of styles and designs to match your furniture, and some even offer a place to store blankets, pillows, and other items. Plus, the best part is that when you really want to settle in and relax, what’s better than being able to kick off your shoes and get your feet up?

Cabinets and Storage
If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your new living room, you’re going to need a place to store all of your stuff so it’s easily accessible. A cabinet for essentials such as Blu-ray Discs or DVDs, CDs, blankets, pillows and anything else you might want within easy reach will help keep everything organized in one spot. The more items you have for storage, the easier it will be to keep your living room feeling cozy, neat, and the ultimate space that you can call your own.