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It's important that both you and your belongings arrive at destination safely. Today's top luggage brands are made to withstand all sorts of travel conditions, from being bumped around cargo spaces to wheeling over bumpy dirt roads in rural India or maneuvering down NYC's tightly-packed sidewalks.

There are three standard sizes for upright luggage pieces: 28", 24", and 20". However measurements may vary by a few inches between brands and collections and while the smallest size is intended to be carry-on, individual airlines will have their own standards for size and weight allowances. The three will often come together in a matching set, helping you achieve a streamlined look for travel and keeping you prepared for any kind of trip, from weekend cottage getaways to extended excursions abroad.

Beyond these standard uprights, there are other options for luggage size and construction style that may suit your trip more than others. If you're heading off on a family holiday, kids' luggage will let little ones experience the thrill and responsibility of keeping their own belongings close by, which can simultaneously be fun for them and a big help to mom and dad. Business travelers will love a garment bag designed to keep delicate clothing freshly pressed, and people traveling with sports equipment will love the option of a light and spacious duffle bag to keep bulky accessories and uniforms together.

No matter your itinerary, when you look at all the clothing, toiletries, and shoes you need to take with you, travel can seem intimidating. But carrying a packed large suitcase around isn't as hard as it sounds, thanks to the smooth-gliding wheels that adorn the bottoms of most luggage pieces. Plus, the materials used to design modern suitcases, including polyester, nylon, and ABS polycarbonate, are both durable and lightweight, so they stay intact without adding bulk to your load.

Brands like Air Canada, Samsonite, Heys, and Delsey offer an array of luggage sets and pieces suited to different travel needs and trip types. Interior organizers keep your hiking shoes separated from your party dress, and padded compartments dedicated to electronics storage keep your laptops and tablets safe from impact damage. RFID-blocking pockets guard against data intrusions in high risk areas, and keep information from being scanned from your passport. Expandable interiors ensure you have room to fit in last minute items and any souvenirs you accumulate during your travels, while waterproof luggage ensures that your goods stay dry, even when you're traveling to wet climates. Wherever you roam, ensure your luggage is the size and style you're looking for, and has all the features you need to bring your belongings back home.

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