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A Quick Look at Marine Electronics

With a fishfinder and marine audio system, you’ll love being on the open water. Best Buy offers a selection of devices that will let you enjoy the best possible sounds from your music, as well as a variety of fishfinders so you don’t go home empty-handed. Great brands include Bazooka, Kicker, Garmin, Cobra, Sony, and Kenwood.

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A fishfinder can be a handy companion when you want to be sure you’re in the right spot. Advanced tracking technology and powerful sonar transmissions will let you scan deep down, so every fish is a cinch to find.

Designed specifically for boats, marine audio gear such as speakers, subwoofers, amps, and in-dash receivers are perfect for being on the water. Most components are water- and UV-resistant so they’re sure to last and deliver your tunes with perfect clarity.