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FAQ About Mattresses and Box Springs

A mattress and box spring work in harmony to ensure you sleep in comfort. A good set can provide years of proper support and make a big difference in your life, but does have a limited lifespan.. Here are a few common questions to consider when looking to replace or upgrade your mattress and box spring for the best sleep experience.

When do I need to replace my mattress and box spring?

A mattress that's sagging, squeaking, poking, or visibly coming apart is quite obviously ready to be replaced. But there can be plenty of unseen wear as springs and other components become fatigued. A sure sign is if you routinely wake up sore and unrested, or experience substantially better sleep on another bed. It's recommended that you replace your mattress approximately every 7 years. Box springs will show similar signs of wear, and there are benefits to buying them as a set.

Why should I buy a mattress and box spring together?

Styles and models come and go, so the best way to ensure you get a matching set from the same manufacturer is to get your mattress and box spring as pair. has great deals on mattress and box spring sets from leading brands like Sealy and Serta. Check frequently to take advantage of a timely mattress sale and save money on quality models.

Why is it important to buy a good quality mattress and box spring?

Proper support for your spine is essential for your comfort and health, and a good mattress will provide exactly that. Quality construction means lots of coils or inner springs, and thick padding to allow for the natural curves of the spine. A box spring works to support your mattress, extending its life and conveniently lifting it to a more comfortable height.

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