Media Streaming

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Break Boundaries with Media Streaming Devices

Your digital content is everywhere – on your computer, on your smartphone, and on your external hard drive. And if you want to enjoy all of your photos, music, movies, and videos on your HD TV, a media streaming device is the perfect solution. Best Buy offers a huge selection of media players from great brands like Apple, D-Link, Western Digital, Sonos, Sony, LG, RCA, and more.

The Power of Wi-Fi

Integrated Wi-Fi is what gives your multimedia player the power to access all of your content whether it’s online or on your computer. A quick and easy connection to your existing network gives you the power to stream the files you have on your computer, as well as enjoy Internet content using a variety of available widgets on your multimedia player.

Go Hi-Def

High definition playback is standard with most multimedia players. It’s the perfect add-on to your HD TV and with built-in apps that offer fast access to video streaming services like Netflix or YouTube, so you’ll always be able to watch the best entertainment whether it’s in HD or standard definition.

Digital Connections

From USB to HDMI connectivity, most multimedia players give you plenty of ways to get connected to your digital world. These connections let you easy plug into an external hard drive, as well as your HD TV so your entertainment possibilities are endless.

Amazing Extras

Every model comes loaded with an easy-to-operate interface that makes organizing and finding your content simple. Plus, you can choose a model with a built-in hard drive and store all your movies, videos, photos, music and more for easy access to it whenever you like.