Memory Cards & Card Readers



A Quick Look at Memory Cards

With a vast selection of memory stick, compact flash, and SD memory cards, Best Buy has what you need so you’re never out of space. These ultra-small memory cards can hold thousands of photos, songs, and files, as well as hours of video; just pop one into your device’s expandable card slot, and you’ll have more room for life’s spontaneous adventures. Choose from brands such as SanDisk, Lexar, PNY, Panasonic, and Eye-Fi to find the right card for all your needs.

Learn More about Memory Cards

The type of card you choose will be dependent on your device. There are a few variations of SD, Memory Stick, Compact Flash, and xD memory cards so you’ll be able to find the right one for your camera, camcorder, smartphone, TV, tablet computer, laptop, and more.

Memory card capacities range from as little as 2GB up to 64GB. Lower capacities are generally ideal for point and shoot cameras or smartphones, while higher capacity cards are usually reserved for use in more advanced DSLRs and camcorders that can record space-hungry HD photos and videos.

A memory card’s speed and class rating (such as 133x and Class 6), will let you know how quickly data can be transferred to or from the card. High-megapixel DSLRs and HD camcorders will usually require a higher rating and storage capacity so your card can keep up with your device.

Wi-Fi enabled SD memory cards offer what seems like limitless storage. These cards use built-in Wi-Fi so when you turn your camera on, it can quickly transfer your favourite shots to your computer or an online site. And the best part is that once your images and videos are transferred, the card automatically frees up space, so it’ll never seem to run out.


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