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Logitech Wireless Mouse (M310) - Silver

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Wacom Intuos Pro Wireless Graphic Tablet (PTH651)

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Sale Ends: December 23, 2014

Wacom Intuos Pro Wireless Graphic Tablet (PTH451)

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Drawing in the Digital Age

Creative professionals will blast forward in inspiration and efficiency when they take their artistry onto a digital graphics drawing tablet. Improved functionality, enhanced pen and touch pressure sensitivity, and ultra slim design from Best Buy’s selection of brands like Penpower, Genius, Adesso, and the Wacom Bamboo family of tablets make these essential tools for anyone working with visual arts.  


Easy-to-use tools built into graphics tablets make the experience of drawing digitally a great one. Tablets designed for graphic art incorporate leading digital pen and pressure technologies for acute touch sensitivity, and accurate tactile response with intuitive brush control for precisely capturing each subtle stroke of your masterpiece. Large, high resolution screens make visibility a cinch for large projects or tightening in on details, and programmable hot keys make accessing shortcuts and modifiers super easy.  


Graphics drawing tablets designed for creative professionals are built to be functional tools for anyone interested in the arts. Edit photos, create digital paintings, or illustrate animations: it’s all easy to do with the right device. Superior tool and menu usability options make manoeuvring around various user features and programs simple. Lightweight, ultra-slim designs mean tablets are comfortable to hold, with ergonomic pens that let you draw for long periods without hand cramps.

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