Counter Top Microwaves



Microwaves: Fast Food at Home

When microwave ovens first hit the same in the 1970s, they were large energy-hungry devices that were really only good at reheating your leftovers. Today’s microwaves from Panasonic, Danby, and Sunbeam are smaller, more powerful, and full of features that don’t just let you reheat food – they’re also good at cooking it or keeping it warm too.

Big or Small?

From 0.7 to 2.2 cubic feet, there are microwaves for every need and kitchen. If you’re really looking for a microwave to heat up food, cook frozen, or to fill up a small space then a microwave that’s 0.7 to 1.2 cubic feet in size is ideal. For bigger cooking jobs – and if you have the room – a larger size should do the trick.

Smart Features

While most microwaves still come with the preset buttons such as “popcorn”, there are also models that come with “Keep Warm” function. This feature delivers steady but very low power to help keep your food warm until you’re ready to serve – and without overcooking it. Plus, many newer models feature technology that’s designed to ensure that your food is always evenly cooked.

Countertop Companion

One of the great things about microwaves is that they’re easy enough for just about everyone in the family to use. Preset buttons make choosing the right settings a breeze. And with a sleek construction that’s designed to sit perfectly on your counter, these handy appliances will help make meal preparation a little easier.