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A Quick Look at Netbooks

A netbook makes going mobile an easier transition. These smaller and lighter versions of the traditional laptop are designed for basic tasks, so you can keep doing your daily computing activities no matter where you go. While netbooks don’t have optical drives, most models come with USB ports you can use to connect things like external storage devices. Best Buy carries a wide selection of netbooks from brands like Acer, HP, Dell and more.

Learn More about Netbooks

These pint-size machines usually range in size from 8” to 11,” which makes them extremely easy to take with you anywhere. Keep in mind that the smaller you go, the smaller your display becomes. A small screen size doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice image quality though; the latest models have incredibly sharp and bright displays.

Netbooks are extremely lightweight, which makes them highly portable. Toss one in your briefcase, handbag or backpack, and you might even forget it’s in there since it’s so easy to carry around.

A netbook offers most forms of wireless connectivity to give you a truly mobile experience. Whether you need wi-fi, Bluetooth, Wireless N or 3G to get you on the web, you can count on your netbook to keep you connected. The only downside is now you have no excuse for not updating Aunt Myrtle while you travel around the world!

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