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Facial scanning comes alive in Kinect Sports Rivals for XBox One

by kdiston from 04-13-2014

kinectsportsrivals.jpgAre you ready for another reason to wiggle, kick, swing, and otherwise use your body in amusing fashion to control a video game?  Rare and Microsoft sure hope so!  With the new generation of hardware now in play, and the ole Motion Control Kinect technology used for little more than (albiet the always fun and amusing) dance games, we're all waiting for something to live up to the promise of motion gamings first explosion onto the scene. With its six varied 'sporting' activities  Kinect Sports Rivals aiming to do that very thing.

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The Elder Scrolls Online

by kdiston from 03-30-2014

ElderScrollsOnlineCover.jpgGather round ye fans of MMO's, Fantasy RPG's and The Elder Scrolls alike, for the convergence is nigh!  Or, put in english, The Elder Scrolls Online will be out in less than a week! It feels like the MMO space has been waiting for something to come along and redefine it, others have tried, and it might be that Bethesda and Zenimax are up to the job, they certainly have game development chops and a world that's right for it. Exploring some new ways and means in the MMOsphere, we might just have the solution to your Massive Multiplayer Online blues, with The Elder Scrolls Online.

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Review - Dark Souls 2

by kdiston from 03-29-2014

dark_souls_2.jpgA world defined by death and dying, filled with horrible monsters big and small, you stand poised at the beginning of an unimaginably long journey, every step you take fought for, stained with the blood of your opponents, and all too often, your own hollowed corpse.  Interested?  Me too!  It's Dark Souls 2, that unforgiving, punishing, wonderful, amazing gaming experience that not everyone is cut out for.  Are you?  Lets find out.

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