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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Nursery Furniture & Décor

What nursery furniture do I need to buy?

Nurseries are where little ones sleep, feed and freshen up, and baby room essentials cater to these essential functions. Nursery necessities include a crib, a firm crib mattress with protector, and a glider for being fed or rocked to sleep gently by mom or dad. Change tables help keep items from creams to wipes organized and accessible to facilitate the many diaper changes that will occur throughout the day and night. Because babies grow so quickly, it’s great to have a room that grows with them. Convertible furniture like cribs that transform into toddler beds help to ease the financial strain of having an expanding family, and crib/changing table combos help to save space in a smaller home, as well as aid in organization by keeping clothes, receiving blankets and more at one handy station. A dresser and closet organization system will help keep your wee one’s growing wardrobe orderly and accessible.

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What are some nursery ‘extras’ that I might find useful?

One of the most essential extras to look for when decorating a nursery is storage: lots of it. Besides your change table, dresser and other baby furniture, storage baskets help keep changing accessories, toys and other smaller items organized and off the floor where they can get underfoot, especially in the dark. Nightlights comfort little ones when they wake up in the middle of the night as well help you find your way through the room to the crib. Fans and sound systems that play white noise keep babies soothed and more soundly asleep, so they won’t be startled and woken up by every bump in the night. Mobiles provide visual stimulation and entertainment for wee ones who are crib-bound, while lamps with dimmer switches, sconces and other low-light fixtures help transition babies into sleep. Of course, a baby monitor is essential for helping you keep your eyes and ears in the room even when you’re not physically there.

What are some ideas for decorating my baby’s nursery?

Your baby’s room should be soothing yet playful, whether you want to choose a theme or a colour scheme or base décor around baby’s name or your favourite ceramic plate from Grandma. Decals are a fun way to get your decorative spirit across, quickly and easily accenting nursery walls with cute and cuddly images to keep baby company when you’re out of the room. In accessories, look for colours and textures that delight, using lots of soft fabrics and friendly decorative items.

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What is the best layout for a nursery or baby’s room?

When arranging nursery furniture, think of function – because when you’re up for 2am feedings and trying to find your way around in the dark, you’re going to want a natural flow and practicality to the setup of the room. Place the crib close to the door so that you don't have to manoeuvre around furniture or risk tripping over things in the middle of the night. Avoid placing the crib next to drafty windows that may cause your baby discomfort, but do consider placing your rocker or glider there so you can gaze outside during feedings. The best place for the changing table is close to the crib, and a diaper pail and laundry bin should stand next to that since you’ll want to avoid carrying soggy diapers clear across the room; a dresser beside the change table also makes it easy to grab clean clothes on the fly. Be sure to measure your space and all your new purchases so you can be sure things will fit together the way you want them to. Beyond function, think of comfort – both yours and baby’s. Keep a small table to rest bottles, pacifiers, or water bottles for you next to the rocker by the window, and save space so you can invest in a comfortable ottoman for putting your feet up. You deserve it after all that decorating.

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