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The ABC's of Buying Nursery Furniture

Start your baby's life off with style by adorning their bedroom in nursery furniture that looks as good as it feels to use. Matching smart design and supreme safety standards with innovative functionality results in change tables, cribs, dressers, and other nursery essentials that help moms and dads stay organized, fingers stay unpinched, and room décor looking as fresh as your little one.

Convenience through design innovation

For new moms and dads, time and money can get stretched thinner than rice paper. But innovative designs that boast adjustability and convertibility help to put both back in the pockets of parents. Some baby cribs convert into toddler beds, saving from costly replacements as your little one grows bigger and bigger, seemingly by day. Adjustable height settings allow you to move mattresses lower to prevent your growing child from climbing out without your help, while moving it higher makes gaining access to the crib more comfortable when bending over railings to reach for newborns. Even some change tables are built for convenience, doubling in function as dressers with integrated shelves and drawers so it's easy to access fresh clothes and diapers without stepping away from your baby.

Bigtime safety for little ones

As little ones grow to be able to move themselves around the nursery, safety is paramount; thankfully nursery furniture is designed with considerations and features to help you maintain a safe environment without stress. Crib bars should be spaced no more than 6cm or 2 adult fingers apart to keep little limbs and heads from catching, and adjustable mattress height settings protect your curious, active toddler from tumbles. Straps and guardrails on changing tables can help act as extra hands to secure your active, squirming baby during diaper changes as you reach for ointments and wipes, while safety stops on smooth-sliding dresser drawers keep little fingers from getting pinched. JPMA is a widely-accepted authority on product safety; look for their certification seal to rest assured items meet standards for quality, safety, performance, and functionality.

Growing up in style

From clean-edged contemporary looks accented by soft earth tones to ornate traditional designs enhanced by cheerful pinks, yellows, and blues, a nursery's furniture style and colour palette help set the tone of the room. Buying a matching glider, crib or toddler bed, bookcase, dresser, and change table in white, black or espresso brown creates a streamlined look that is easy to match with an array of textile patterns and hues. If you want a more unique look that's all your own, try mixing up a few sleek modern items in exciting colours with timelessly elegant others of a more classic style. A reflection of you, the baby furniture pieces you choose do much to soothe and shape your little one, and give them the perfect space to grow into.

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